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Glen Gibellina on Florida’s Ric Scott Alimoney Bill SB718



Florida Governor Ric Scott…Follow the Money, the Ex’s and the Attorneys

In a moment not only was the alimony bill bill (SB 718) veto but the destruction of shared parental rights swept away as well. A group of 20 or so ex-wives protested in his office the day it was to be signed. Scott caved to this bullies and our children will pay for it for years to come. This bill would retroactively change the course of alimony, as it should but more importantly it would of put parents on a 50/50 shared parenting with their children. Now it destroys any chance of parents receiving 50/50 custody prior to 2008 divorce. Who suffers……..our children.

Who benefits, the Florida Bar. The Florida Bar lobbied against the bill. Scott said he blocked the bill because they would have been disruptive for families. No, Scott the DESTRUCTION of families is closer to the truth. Scott needs to be removed from office and the Florida Bar dissolved. The Florida Bar is the third largest such bar association in the United States.

When money comes before our children we are on a path to destruction in family values.


Glen Gibellina



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  1. Randy Kluge says:

    Thousands of families have been separated and traumatized by an agency whose original intent was designed to protect family integrity. Family court has become big business.

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