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Glen Gibellina on the UBC, Uniform Bonding Code


Claims Access Pursuant to Civil Rights Law

     Improper enforcements which run counter to the U.S. Constitution can involve as many as thirty-five (35) violations of the provisions of the United States Constitution valued per 18 USC 241 at $10,000 per constitutional violation, per offense, per officer, per injured party when the officer is acting as a part of a law enforcement agency effort.

     The civil value is therefore approximately $350,000 per enforcement offense, per enforcement officer, per injured party.

Organized Crime in Government

     Government officials maintain control of the courts by “licensing lawyers” and by forbidding the common citizens to “practice law” or give “legal advice,” three phrases which have never been adequately defined for any statute.  To protect government dominance, “law schools” are the only schools allowed to teach law, and specifically “safe law” (attornment).

Study the UBC, file your “criminal complaints” in timely fashion, take their money or their hides for future parchment.



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