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June 1, 2013

Fatherless Day……….again.

Dear Joan Krauter <jkrauter@bradenton.com>

I would like your paper to consider doing a story on Fathers day that would include my story, my struggles with the 12 Judicial Family Courts. I am not the only father out there facing this under the current system. A systemic way that the courts allow PAS parental Alienation Syndrome to thrive in the 12th Circuit court. A destructive and manipulative process.

Their stakes are high and costly to all involved .

The alienating parent treats the target parent like a disease in the child that must be removed. Parents who do this are not interested in mere control. Their stakes are higher: total annihilation of the target parent’s bond with the child. Little by little, alienation in a divorce case starts to take root. And when it fully takes root, I see the child’s boundaries collapse when it fully takes root the child’s boundaries collapse before my eyes. Soon the child forgets how to protect him or herself, and must align with the alienating parent as if life depends on it — because it does.

I want to tell you what happens in court, and how to let others know how to fight against the inclination to give up like so many hurt, alienated parents — who are, frankly, not always welcomed in the courts. Case in point. My case 2002DR43354 Manatee 10 years, 4500 pages, 765 Docket entries and my reward for trying to get more than 4 days a month with my only child..NO CONTACT No crime, no abuse, I have never been found to be an unfit parent yet no contact. I have not seen my child in YEARS, nor has her grandmother and our family suffers from this injustice. She will turn 12 in July. Not a phone call, not a visit.

I contribute this situation brought on by the high conflict attorneys and other “experts” brought into the family court arena that in many cases can not even handle there own personal lives with there own children, or worse they have NEVER had any childcare, yet they want to control our lives with our children.

High-conflict divorced families adjustment by children in high-conflict divorces to escape the conflict by allying with one parent. Legal and therapeutic intervention should be aimed at keeping some kind of contact going so that the child can mature enough to stand outside of the conflict and form relationships with both parent

It’s time to expose Family Courts for what they are…destructive

Please tell our story, in “the best interest of the child” and tell the “rest of the story”

http://youtu.be/2ytNK_jYf3Y Congressional Testimony: Glen Gibellina

My Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ACTOFCOURAGE

Face Book PAS https://www.facebook.com/pages/PAS-Parental-Alienation-Syndrome/140641201842

Reena Sommer, Ph.D. http://www.divorcingmistakes.com/articles/PASreview.pdf

Majopr Family Services http://www.majorfamilyservices.com/parental-alienation-syndrome-pas-its-causes-cures-costs-and-controversies.html

Fighting Fathers http://www.fightingfathersofdistrict1.com/pas.php

Mary Lund A Therapist’s View http://www.fact.on.ca/Info/pas/lund01.pdf

Case Law http://www.hslda.org/docs/nche/000000/00000075.asp


Letters To The Editor Glen Gibellina

Where have all the fathers gone?

I want to thank you for your consideration in this very important matter, you paper has published many, many letters to the editor from myself about the Family Courts and have always had overwhelming responses to my letters.

I am a Parents advocate for the rights to be a parent with the least amount of government interference as stated in our Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court has consistently protected parental rights, including it among those rights deemed fundamental. As a fundamental right, parental liberty is to be protected by the highest standard of review: the compelling interest test.

Now if we can just get the Family Courts to recognize this as well.


Glen Gibellina actofcourage@yahoo.com

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.


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