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Glen Gibellina on Family Courts Must Be Reformed!

Time to reform the broken 12th Circuit Family Court
Published Apr 6, 2012 Bradenton Herald

Time to reform the broken 12th Circuit Family CourtImage
In a recent court decision by the Honorable Jannett Dunnigan of the 12th Circuit Family Court, a college-educated father was denied permission to home school his 10-year-old daughter after the daughter missed 44 days of school under the care and custody of the former wife.
Judge Dunnigan also stated, “I am finding, sir, that you have failed to show that you either have the capability of home schooling, or that home schooling would be in the child’s best interest.”
Put the child back into the school system, though the school district can neither account for the 44 missed days nor did they trigger any investigation for excess absences or truancy reports as required by law and the Florida statutes. The failure of the school system has caused my daughter not to meet the attendance requirement.
I believe every parent has the God-given right to raise their children with the least amount of government interference, as protected by our Constitution.
Family court is broken beyond repair. It’s time to dismantle the current draconian system that encourages high-conflict attorneys for both sides, and if one side cannot afford an attorney, well, you see the result it has on pro se litigants.
Where’s the “Family” in the 12th Circuit Family Courts, because I don’t see it.
Glen Gibellina
Read more here: http://www.bradenton.com/2012/04/06/3983665/time-to-reform-the-broken-12th.html#storylink=cpy


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