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Glen Gibellina on Where Have All the Fathers Gone?


Society, family courts must empower, not limit, fathers

By Glen Gibellina  Published: May 6, 2013 Bradenton Herald, FL.

Where have all the fathers gone?

Family courts and feminism have stripped men of their ability to be authority figures. Men who express any type of authority are labeled as mean, uncaring, and even abusive.

Their role as father has been reduced to nothing more than that of a helpless bystander who can no longer parent with any authority.

We are headed for absolute disaster if we do not start changing the message now and start teaching fathers that it is OK to be authoritative and teaching them to lay down the law with their children.

We need to let men know that being a father is OK, and that having their child cry or be punished for acting badly does not make them some sort of monster.

Fathers have lost their place in the family and are now left confused and powerless while their children walk all over them and become the misguided leaders of the family. It’s a recipe for disaster.

It’s time to give fathers back their power as parents. Society and family courts need to wake up and see the irreparable damage being done to our children. Family courts have hindered a father’s ability to parent effectively.

Children need rules, direction, and authority in order to thrive. Children need to fail, to fall down, to get hurt, to cry, and to see consequences to their actions in order to be healthy and well-adjusted.

Third-party “experts” who are not qualified to control their own family life have no place in our family lives. Jury trials would assure that.

If society and family courts would spend as much time and money putting the family back together instead of separating them we as a nation would be better off.

Glen Gibellina


Never Give Up, Never Retreat and Never, Never Surrender


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  1. hate corruption says:

    Glen, that has changed and this article is totally inaccurate. There has been such a 180 that the courts do not consider the SAFETY of the child! Please show me how much mothers organizations are getting. Let’s compare. You really need to do your research. … http://www.scribd.com/doc/126298352/CT-Family-Court-Grants-Fatherhood-Access-and-Visitation-DOJ

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