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Mission Statement: Why Dad’s Matter was created as a means by which dads can gain parenting skills, network with other fathers, receive free education on topics specific to men and be connected to community resources. Why Dad’s Matter has brought together a broad spectrum of men of all professions and ages, all of whom are committed to being successful, nurturing Dads. Thanks to this common goal no one has ever felt like a stranger; the friendships are immediate and the camaraderie sincere for both fathers and children alike.

WHY DAD’S MATTER consists of three components: Support, Education and Male Involvement. These three components work in conjunction with each other to provide a wealth of knowledge and a platform for father/child interaction.

  • Support: WHY DAD’S MATTER has partnered with the several organizations so that our participants have a nurturing environment where they can share their experiences, hear valuable information from experts and learn effective parenting techniques.

  • Male Involvement: This will be the opportunity for the group to have fun with their children! Through games, field trips, sporting events, etc., the dads will enjoy spending quality time with their child/children while strengthening their paternal bonds and building memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Education: There will be free, male-centered, educational sessions held regularly for men only to discuss topics such as: male sterilization, child support/custody, infant/child safety, mental health services and appropriate child discipline.

WHY DAD’S MATTER gives dads the tools they need to connect with their kids and develop healthy relationships.  Through educational parenting resources, we help men understand the valuable role they have and give them the parenting skills needed to provide a safe and healthy environment for their children.  

We are a group of dedicated Dad’s who care about the upbringing of our children in the community

We have lined up the best of best in Dad’s along with Families without Dad’s






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