1. Jesse Baker says:

    All concerned parents should watch this video the Power of the Common Law Grand Jury See how the courts are misusing and down right lying to the PEOPLE. Get involved to stop the destruction of the fundamental building blocks of our society that is the family unite. United We STAND.

    On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 4:24 PM, wethefamilies

  2. mrailslider says:

    When childrens protective services make children observe search thru adult websites as minors what the correct response of the state, In Alabama DHR has bragged this is what they did for five years, the state attorney General says this did not happen, news medias will not report or record till a child is killed in custody, An the childrens personal counselors whom are not doctors declare all actions legal or not HIPPA Protected. USHHS Accepts exposing children to porn as a common service, to families????

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